About the Suburbs 

About the Suburbs is a project that documents the borders of the city of Valencia, focusing mostly on its landscapes. 

Valencia is the third largest cities in Spain and one of the most visited cities in Europe.


Nevertheless, the 2008 economic crisis made itself felt in Valencia too, especially displacing people that were for the majority leaving in the suburban areas of the city, leaving behind abandoned buildings and incomplete construction sites.


While these sites become interesting symbols of suburban life, what makes Valencia’s suburbs so unique is how a sharp and segmented line is defining the city's borders creating strong contrasts between urban and rural scapes.


This stands in opposition to a more general European trend in which the contrasts between the city and its suburbs are more blurred, making the transition between the two almost inconspicuous.

The photos proposed in the project want to put the observer in the conditions of asking: what is Valencia after its museums, after the City of Science and Arts, after the beach and the party life? Touristic attractions and frequently visited areas of the city arise next to desolate yet remarkable spaces, where the time seems to be still while the city next to them is moving on a much faster wavelength.

For how long will these contrasts survive before the city erases them and appropriates them?

© Giovanni Riccò
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