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Pachamama is a photographic project that narrates a twenty thousand kilometers journey across four different South American countries: from the fiords of the Tierra del Fuego to the windy national parks of Patagonia; from the arid desert of Atacama to the imperial ruins of Machu Picchu, passing through the surreal Salar de Uyuni.


​While traveling through these vast lands, I marveled at their different landscapes, their various traditions and ethnicities, and I encountered flavors I did not know existed.


I realized then that being on the road not only forces you to a particular personal growth, but it also presents several challenges, difficulties that often reflect a certain choice, emotion, or are simplyprompted by fear.


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Most of my work  focuses on analyzing landscapes that surround me which usually includes intimate scenes, buildings, and people. Through the viewfinder, I try to come to terms with the essence behind the scenes I am experiencing. 

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