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Hello, my name is Giovanni Ricco and was born and raised in Vignola, Italy. Currently based in Valencia, Spain, I was privileged to travel from a young age which sparked my interest in Narrative and Documentary photography.

By seeing first hand the diverse cultures, landscapes and meeting people on the streets, I became a passionate photographer who believes there are plenty of stories to be told, and demand from the world to see them. 

I have Bachelor degree in Fine Art Photography and since 2017 I have been working as a professional photographer and videographer helping brands and enterprises to thrive through solid visual communication services offered by my team and I.

I am the founder and manager of Espai Batit, a photography coworking which offer dynamic studio solutions for establish and aspiring photographers.

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Most of my work  focuses on analysing landscapes that surround me which usually includes intimate scenes, buildings, and people. Through the viewfinder, I try to come to terms with the essence behind the scenes I am experiencing. 


Commercial Services

Over the years I had the pleasure to work with enterprises, brands, start-ups, designers and local businesses. From blogging to photography to video making, I seek to help brands tell their story and share it with the world.

Prints, posters and more

If you are looking for a specific print, please, do contact me.

If you are wondering if I can decorate a space, installing an expo or any projects related with printed visual art, the answer is yes.

My online shop is still in progress but you can favourite my esty shop in the meantime. 


Let's Connect?

+34 654 828 168

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